a poster created for a 5k run walk. participates encouraged to donated canned and dry goods to donate to those in need throughout the county.

this was a collaboration piece with flapjack creative
about peyton's promise via peytonspromise.org
when peyton medick was 8 years old, she watched a news story about a little boy, in camden, new jersey, who did not know what the words breakfast, lunch and dinner were.peyton watched this show and her heart broke for this little boy. she turned to her parents and asked “are there children like that who live here?” peyton’s parents began to explain about local food pantries and how families need the help of pantries every once in a while. peyton wanted to help these families and decided to contact her principal to do a food drive.

peyton’s promise has grown into a huge organization with hundreds of volunteers and over 40 trained advocates working in their schools, and throughout the united states, to organize food drives and raise awareness about the problem of hunger.

Peyton's Promise

family 5k Walk